Ms Hlekani Mashale was instantly attacked by a severe skin rash that grew so quickly that no medication worked. She consulted
the doctor and was offered medication, but the face started swelling to the point where she couldn’t see and the face was burning. She visited the medical practitioner again, And she was given a stronger medication but the swelling and burning continued. She was then transferred to a higher medical center (Medi-Clinic), but before she could arrange to go there, She called Prophet VC Zitha.
The Prophet gave an instruction that she must come to church in his office because this is an urgent case. She came at once and was prayed for. When Prophet VC Zitha laid hands on her, The burning immediately stopped, Eyes opened.
While she was giving testimony, she said: “I thank the God of Prophet VC Zitha. The God is too big.”
Prophet VC Zitha further added,
“When they brought her to church, God said to me don’t wait for the prayer line. In 3 days she will die.

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